"Hello, detective. I have a request for you."

The letter you received from Japan, started like this. The letter was written by a girl named Erika. Deciphering the code which her father left for her, was the request made for you. While you unlock the code, Erika will travel all around Tokyo city, of course with you, through the internet. What is the hidden treasure, and why did her father leave the codes behind for her? Why Tokyo city? ...This story is about you and Erika, and her mysterious secret letter.

Play at home!
No time limit!
with anybody!

What isTokyo Nazotoki Escape

Through this brand, Haregake is providing people in the world
with mystery-solving games not requiring language knowledge
and stimulating their power of imagination,
like cryptanalysis, puzzles, and mysteries.
It is also considering providing online games,
including escape rooms, and installing its own facilities.

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Price 1,650 yen
About $16

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